Prefabricated terrazzo

Terrazzo offers many possibilities. Using the same mixture and technological rules, you can create, for example, beautiful spandrel walls, skirting, steps, wash basins and even flower pots and planters. We can make all of this for you in our own workshop.

Terrazzo skirting

We manufacture two types of skirting: slip-formed and prefabricated. Slip-formed skirting is cast directly in situ on concrete plaster 10 - 15 mm thick and then ground by hand using various techniques. We manufacture prefabricated pieces and stick them on plaster. They are approximately 30 to 60 cm long, 5 to 10 cm high and from 12 mm thick.

Prefabricated steps

We make prefabricated steps and glue them on a concrete base. They are 40 mm thick. 

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