Terrazzo - Poured terrazzo - poured floor

Poured terrazzo is perfect for any design or style, from classic to modern designs. These poured floors are not only attractive thanks to their elegant appearance. Due to the pouring technique, they fit in rooms of any size, from simple rectangles and squares to complex rounded shapes. The fact that the surface is seamless is a great advantage.          

Terrazzo floors can be any colour, and they are ideal in combination with materials such as wood and marble. We create ornaments and marble mosaics of any shape and size based on the client’s wishes. Poured marble floors are currently enjoying great popularity with customers.

Pouring marble terrazzo floors

These floors are created with a mixture of marble chips of various sizes, pigments and cement, which is used as a binder. At least three quarters of the mixture consists of marble. This makes terrazzo floors completely different from ordinary cement floors.

Individual steps

  • the terrazzo is poured on a concrete base, which will ideally have a height of around 70 mm. The terrazzo ranges in height from 15 to 20 mm and more, depending on the size of the marble chips or rolled pebbles.           
  • after it is poured, the floor is ground using various techniques
  • finally, the floor is grouted and waxed to protect it from damage. Our company uses waxes with various effects (shiny, matte, etc.) according to the wishes of the client.

Maintenance of terrazzo

Terrazzo poured floors are practical and low-maintenance. We will recommend special preparations for you, which will ensure that they retain their lustre for as long as possible.


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